Check out our gallery for some of the great bicycles that have come into our store.  They may have sold, but we have more!  Below is a little more info on what we do. (actual bikes in the Gallery section have sold).


We offer a full line of service options that are very competitively priced. We have our full list of services on our Service Tab. We also fix flat tires on the spot.


We now offer rentals! All our rentals go through Spinlister. Boston is such a great place to ride around and see the neighborhoods. Rentals are ideal for people in town for a short time or who just need to run a quick errand.


We currently carry Retrospect bicycles in our shop. We stock the Mars, Venus and Matra 7. They are vintage inspired city bicycles at a good price point. We can special order other Retrospect bicycles for you.



Used Bicycles are our specialty! We have 50-100 used bicycles available to test ride. We refurbish them with new brakes, cables, tires, etc. We do offer "As Is" bicycles that don't come with a warranty. They are checked over for safety. They are the best value in our shop.

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