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1.)  All purchased bikes must have the original paint job and identifiable serial number and be in clean usable condition.

2.)  If in doubt all serial numbers will be checked with Bike Registry, and the local Police to identify stolen bikes.  Identified stolen bikes & your name WILL be immediately reported to Police.

3.)  You must be the owner of the bike.  We will not purchase the bike from you when it belongs to your …”friend, Uncle, Cousin, Brother, etc…”

4.)  You must have a valid non expired state issued picture ID or valid passport (NO temporary paper ID’s).

5.)  You must have a second ID that matches the name on the first (credit card, voters card, CostCo Card, Library card, etc…).

6.)  We purchase complete bikes ONLY; no frames, forks, parts, or accessories. (Some exceptions apply)

7.)  We do not purchase all bikes.  No kids bikes, no motorized bikes, no Tandems, no Recumbents,  no Adult Trikes, no Hand crank bikes, no Internet purchased bikes, and no department store quality bikes that came from Toys-R-Us, Target, Kmart, the Internet, Wal-Mart, etc…


8.)   In order to evaluate your USED bike we need to see it here live and in person for an inspection and assessment. We cannot and will not evaluate any bike over the phone, the internet, via text, descriptions, or photographs.


We will not buy every bike shown to us, but we will make an offer on most bicycles that fit our criteria. We are likely to offer you a price, but please keep in mind that we are in the business of buying, fixing, and selling bikes; as such we need to cover our expenses so we can stay in business.


We cannot give full private sale prices for bicycles.

Payment will be in cash, store credit or check.

Cambridge Used Bicycles

Cambridge Antique Market Building (in basement)
201 Monsignor O'Brien Hwy
Cambridge, MA 02141

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