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We sell a wide selection of bicycles including hybrid, city, road, vintage, three-speed, steel frame and a few mountain bikes. Most of our inventory is in our shop in Cambridge, MA, but we also have an online shop with a curated selection of bikes.

When we refurbish a bicycle we clean, tune and test each bike individually. We replace and overhaul many parts. Our used bicycles come with a 30-day warranty.


We also sell "As Is" bicycles that are ready to ride. These bicycles don't have new parts but are checked for safety.  These bikes are our best value. They are a great option for someone in the city for a few months or on a limited budget. But if you are just visiting the city or are still unsure about purchasing a bike, we also rent bicycles.

Our bicycles start at $325. We have all the core accessories including lights, helmets, U and chain locks and more! Your skill level or bicycle experience doesn't matter when you shop with us. We will show you how to use your bicycle and get you the right fit. 


We offer full service and repairs on almost all bicycles.

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