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If you have a bike to sell, we are always looking for bikes, vintage parts and large lots to buy!

Guielines on Selling Bike

Guidelines on Selling Your Bike

1.  The bike must have the original paint and identifiable serial number;​​

          If in doubt, please note that we will check the serial number with Bike Registry,

          Bike Index and the local Police to identify stolen bikes. In the unlikely event that

          you have a stolen bike, you will be immediately reported to the Police;

2.  You must be the owner of the bike;

3.  You must have a valid, non expired state issued picture ID or valid passport. No exceptions. Unfortunately we are not able to accept any temporary paper ID;

4.  You must have a second ID that matches the name of the first - i.e. credit card, voter card, CostCo card, library card, etc.;

5.  Must be in clean usable condition.

   Please note that we will not buy motorized bikes, tandems, recumbents, adult trikes or hand crank bikes nor will we accept department store quality bikes, i.e from Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc. (Magna, Next, Huffy, Denali, Schwinn after 2001). 

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