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All our bicycles have a 30-DAY REPAIR WARRANTY from the date of purchase.

This warranty is inclusive of all new bike parts with the exception of flat tires.

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  • You must have a receipt of the original purchase/repair.

  • Occasionally it may happen that we are unable to repair the problem. It will be then, and only then, that we will offer a store credit or a replacement bike

  • All bicycles returned must be fully inspected by Spiros prior to accepting a return.

  • All warranties shall be allowed by Spiros, provided that all terms above have been completely satisfied. 

  • We respectfully retain the right to refuse any repair warranty or return based on damage caused by a third party, abuse or improper use of the bicycle.


We are always committed to offer the best service to our customers, so we kindly ask you to contact us before you come to our shop in Cambridge to make sure that we are available to serve you.


Please note that there are no exceptions to any term of our warranty and return policy, nor are these negotiable. 

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